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Three-phase EI sheet material and production process
Sep 26, 2018

The EI film has single-phase and three-phase parts, and the material of the three-phase EI film. From the current point of view, there are mainly two types of steel and silicon steel. Therefore, the three-phase EI film of these two materials can be called three. Phase EI type silicon steel sheet and three-phase EI type silicon steel sheet. Moreover, the two EI films are also corresponding to the dimensional drawings. After the dimensions and materials are marked on the drawings, the user can have a correct understanding and correct selection.


The size of the three-phase EI chip is expressed by adding a specific value after the EI, and connecting with a short horizontal bar in the middle, such as three-phase EI-250, EI-300, and EI-305. In addition, if there are many monolithic stacks, it is also possible to increase the thickness of the laminate, usually after the size, with the * in the middle.


Three-phase EI film production process and important processes


The production process of three-phase EI film is generally carried out by stamping, because the finished product can be obtained with good quality, and the mold may be used in the production process.

In addition, in order to avoid the problem of deformation, the method of distributing fractional stamping and blanking can be adopted to obtain the object.


In the production process of three-phase EI film, there are some important processes, such as annealing. When the EI sheet is annealed, it should be ensured that the temperature in the furnace is uniform during cooling-out, and the temperature of the furnace should not be too high or too low, so that the color of the EI sheet can be unified and the performance is good. If necessary, a fan can be installed on the top of the furnace to prevent the local temperature from being too high, so that the three-phase EI film has a good surface color.

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