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Three-phase EI sheet processing technology, application and performance index
Mar 16, 2018

In the production of three-phase EI sheet products, continuous high-speed presses and continuous alloy molds are required for continuous stamping. In order to meet the different specifications of three-phase EI products, it is necessary to use equipment that meets the specifications to complete production operations.


Three-phase EI products can be used in transformers. For example, we often say that the EI transformer is defined according to the shape of the iron core. Because the iron core of the EI transformer is superimposed by the "E" and "I" chips, it is called the EI transformer. This kind of transformer is usually an industrial frequency (low frequency) transformer (50HZ or 60HZ), a power transformer, and some audio transformers are also EI, such as those used for acoustics.

 Three -phase EI lamination.jpg

Three-phase EI core performance index analysis:

 1, less iron loss. This is also the most important indicator of the quality of three-phase EI tablets. In fact, at present in all countries in the world, iron loss values are divided into grades. The lower the iron loss, the higher the grade and the higher the quality.

2, high enough magnetic induction. That is, in the case of a uniform magnetic field, a higher magnetic susceptibility can be obtained. The motor or transformer core manufactured by this type of three-phase EI sheet has a small volume and weight, and can relatively save EI sheets, copper wires, and insulating materials.

3, stacking coefficient is high. This requires that the surface of the three-phase EI sheet be kept smooth, flat, and uniform in thickness so that the stacking factor of the manufacturing core can be improved.

4, three-phase EI sheet should also have good punching performance. This is especially important when producing small, miniature motor cores.

5. The surface of the three-phase EI sheet has good adhesion to the insulating film and has excellent solderability.

6, magnetic aging.

7. Three-phase EI sheets must be annealed and pickled

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