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Three-phase EI silicon steel valve connection
Jun 01, 2018

The three-phase EI silicon steel sheet needs to effectively load its annealed silicon steel sheet into its iron box loading rack during the operation. To a certain extent, each box of silicon steel sheet is preferably covered with a cover slightly smaller than the iron box. The plate is lifted into the furnace during the operation, the lid is locked, the sealing ring is pressed tightly, and the circulating water pipe is connected.


Three-phase EI silicon steel sheets need to be connected to nitrogen to a certain extent. During the operation, it is necessary to effectively check whether there is a leak and check the normal supply of circulating water. Close all valves, install the vacuum tube, open the vacuum pump, open the vacuum valve, vacuum to -1MPA, close the needle valve and turn off the vacuum pump.


The three-phase EI silicon steel plate is connected to the nitrogen gas pipe and the inflation valve to a certain extent, and it needs to fully open its inflation valve during the operation, so that it can inject its nitrogen gas effectively. Pressure between 0.03 ~ 0.1MPA, close the inflatable valve to open the safety valve.


The three-phase EI silicon steel sheet needs to effectively install the three thermocouples of the instrument on the furnace body. When the operation is performed, it is effective to check whether the voltage and current of the electrical cabinet and the instrument are normal, and the temperature control will be used when the three-phase EI silicon steel sheet is used. The initial temperature of the watch is set to 400°C. Check whether the current of the power meter is the same. After ensuring the adjustment is consistent, turn on the heating switch to heat it. At this point, the valve of the circulating water is opened to ensure that there is no clogging to ensure smooth flow of water.


The three-phase EI silicon steel sheet is effective to check the normality of the electric room meter to a certain extent. During the operation, the power of the annealing furnace needs to be adjusted. When the temperature rises to 400° C. during the operation, the nitrogen filling gas is turned on. The valve (exhaust smoke), closes the inflation valve when deflated to 0.01MPA.


When the temperature is determined to rise to 400°C, a constant temperature is applied and the temperature is about 1 hour [about the time of the ninth item of operation], and it is determined that the temperature of the meter is also about 400°C. After the insulation is completed, the temperature control table is set to 680°C for heating. During the heating, pay attention to the flow rate and temperature of the circulating water, and the pointer of the pressure vacuum gauge should not exceed 0.1 MPA.

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