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Types and technical requirements of servo motor iron core punching
Jan 14, 2019

According to the shape of the servo motor iron core punching piece, it can be mainly divided into a circular punching piece, a fan-shaped punching piece and a magnetic pole (shovel-shaped) punching piece. A circular punch is usually used in small and medium-sized AC motors and DC motor armature cores. The pole cores of DC motors and synchronous motors are usually press-fitted with magnetic poles.

The technical requirements for the servo motor iron core punching chip mainly include: 1. The size of the chip should meet the design requirements of the pattern. There are various sizes on the core punching piece, but it can be reduced to two types: internal size and matching size; To comply with the pattern regulations. The coaxiality between the inner circle and the outer circle of the stator chip should not be excessive. When the inner and outer circles of the punch are set to be simultaneously punched, the coaxiality is 0.04 - 0.06 mm, and when the inner and outer sides are punched twice, the coaxiality can be appropriately relaxed.

In addition, the distribution of the cogging should be kept uniform to avoid magnetic circuit imbalance. The servo motor iron core sheet has a uniform thickness and a uniform surface, and the burrs on the punching and cutting are small. At the same time, the insulating layer on the surface of the chip should be thin and uniform, with good dielectric strength, oil resistance and moisture resistance.

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