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UI silicon steel sheet connection requirements and normal supply
Jan 31, 2019

In the process of using the silicon silicon steel sheet, the silicon steel sheet to be annealed should be placed in the iron box (according to the size of the silicon steel sheet, it is better not to exceed three layers in the case of packing), and it is better to cover one sheet of silicon steel sheet per box. Slightly smaller than the cover of the iron box (preferably made of silicon steel sheet material), hoisted into the furnace, lock the furnace cover, press the seal ring, and open the circulating water pipe.

Connect the silicon steel sheet to nitrogen, check for leaks, and check the normal supply of circulating water. Close all valves, install the vacuum tube, open the vacuum pump, open the vacuum valve, vacuum to -1MPA, close the needle valve and then turn off the vacuum pump.

The UI silicon steel sheet is connected with the nitrogen tube and the inflation valve, and the inflation valve is opened to inject nitrogen. The pressure is between 0.03~0.1MPA, close the inflation valve to open the safety valve. Install the three thermocouples on the furnace body to check whether the voltage, current and instrument of the electrical cabinet are normal. 

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