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Use of 3 Phase EI Lamination with holes
Aug 23, 2018

When it comes to the use of 3 Phase EI Lamination with holes, it is used to make different kinds of BOD, BCD, ED, SD and its shaped or variable-section iron cores. These products will be used in 400Hz~30KHz. Transformers and transformers operating below the frequency range.


The 3 Phase EI Lamination with holes will also be applied to the radar pulse transformer or the high-frequency medical X-ray power supply and the linear accelerator modulation power supply. Furthermore, the 3-hole EI silicon steel sheet with holes can also be used for environmental dust removal and water treatment power supply. To a large extent, it will be used in different types of medium and high frequency power supplies and high frequency pulse transformers.


Compared with other materials, the 3-phase EI silicon steel sheet with holes has higher magnetic induction intensity, larger output power and smaller volume, so the high-frequency loss of the 3-phase EI silicon steel sheet with holes is very low when it is at When working under high frequency, the power consumption is relatively small, and the temperature rise is also very low.


Generally, a 0.35mm thick perforated 3-phase EI silicon steel sheet is selected, which is cut according to the required size of the silicon steel sheet core. The thinner the thickness of the silicon steel sheet, the narrower the spliced strip will be, and the effect will be It will be very good.

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