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Use of servo motor core
Jul 31, 2018

The servo motor core is an engine that controls the operation of the mechanical components in the servo system, and is an auxiliary motor indirect transmission. It not only controls speed, but also provides accurate positional accuracy. It also converts voltage signals into torque and speed to drive control objects.


The servo motor rotor speed is controlled by the input signal and can react quickly. It is used as an actuator in the automatic control system, and has the characteristics of small electromechanical time constant, high linearity, and starting voltage, which can receive the received electrical signal. Converted to an angular displacement or angular velocity output on the motor shaft.


When the servo motor core is working, the output control amount such as the position, orientation, and state of the object can follow the arbitrary control of the input target. Mainly by pulse to locate, the servo motor receives 1 pulse, it will rotate the angle corresponding to 1 pulse, thus achieving displacement.


Because the servo motor itself has the function of emitting a pulse, each time the servo motor rotates, a corresponding number of pulses are emitted, which forms an echo with the pulse received by the servo motor. In this way, the system will know how many pulses are sent to the servo motor, and at the same time, how many pulses are returned, so that the rotation of the motor can be controlled very accurately, so as to achieve accurate positioning, which can reach 0.001 mm.

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