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Various structures of three phase transformer core
Jan 10, 2019

At present, the optimal three phase transformer core of the practical structure is a planar three-phase three-column laminated core core, and the structural core has only a new breakthrough in the core process to realize this "ideal structural framework". When the performance of the core flux circuit is fully guaranteed, the three-dimensional structure can be promoted and applied.

For some special transformers, the flat-arranged laminated shell core structure is often used; for large transformers, in order to reduce the core height, a planar three-phase five-column laminated core core is often used. For the combined transformer, in order to reduce the height of the three-phase transformer core or meet the needs of power-off protection, a core structure with a yoke core can be used, including a three-phase five-column type and a three-phase four-column type.

However, considering the influence of the side yoke on the performance of the core, the connection of the winding must use a delta connection to compensate for the impact, and the connection of the winding uses a triangular connection, which also improves the lightning protection performance of the transformer and the single phase load ability.

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