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What are the performance requirements of EI silicon steel lamination?
Mar 08, 2018

The main performance requirements of silicon steel lamination: low iron loss, which is the most important indicator of silicon steel quality. All countries are based on iron loss classification grades, iron loss is lower, the higher grade. strong magnetic field magnetic induction (magnetic induction) high, which makes the motor and transformer core size and weight reduction, saving silicon steel, copper and insulation materials. smooth, smooth and uniform thickness, can increase the core filling factor. punch is good, the manufacture of miniature, small motor is more important. surface insulation film adhesion and good solderability, can prevent erosion and improve punching properties. basic non-magnetic aging. Typical electromagnetic properties are shown in Table 1.

Silicon steel generally increases with the silicon content, iron loss, punching and magnetic induction to reduce the hardness (Figure 3). The higher the working frequency, the greater the eddy current loss, the silicon steel sheet should be the thinner.

One phase EI silicon steel sheet with holes.jpg

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