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What is grain oriented silicon steel sheet?
Apr 02, 2018

At present, cold-rolled silicon steel sheet can be mainly divided into two major categories: grain non-oriented and grain-oriented silicon steel sheet. The grain-oriented non-oriented cold-rolled strip is generally used as a core of a motor or a welding transformer. The grain-oriented silicon steel cold rolled strip is used as a core for power transformers, pulse transformers, and magnetic amplifiers.


The grain-oriented silicon steel sheet is mainly made of 0.30 or 0.35 mm thick oriented silicon steel strip, which has been made by pickling, cold rolling and annealing. On the other hand, the cold-rolled non-oriented silicon steel sheet is hot-rolled into a steel sheet having a thickness of about 2.3 mm. Cold-rolled electrical steel strips have many advantages and are well represented in practical applications. If the cold-rolled orientation belt is used, its performance is better. Using it instead of hot-rolled strip or low-grade cold-rolled strip can reduce the transformer's power consumption by 45%-50%, and the transformer's working performance is more reliable.


In general, the silicon content of the grain-oriented silicon steel sheet is more than 3.0%, while the silicon content of the cold-rolled non-oriented silicon steel sheet is between 0.5% and 3.0%. That is, the silicon content of these two silicon steel sheets is different. Moreover, the crystal grains of the two are different in structure.


In comparison, in the structural composition of the grain-oriented silicon steel sheet, the crystal grains are arranged in an orderly manner, and the grains of the non-oriented silicon steel are disorderly arranged. Non-oriented silicon steels are mainly used in stators and rotors of motors, compressors, large-scale hydraulic turbine generators and other equipment. Oriented silicon steel is commonly used in transformer cores and some motors.


Whether it is a generator or a transformer, the requirements for grain-oriented silicon steel sheets are the same. All require the same low iron loss, good magnetization characteristics, high lamination coefficient, but the transformers generally use oriented silicon steel sheets, and generators have no Oriented silicon steel sheet. In addition, the performance and use of the two are also different. The main purpose of grain-oriented silicon steel sheet is for transformer manufacturing, so it is also called cold-rolled transformer silicon steel.

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