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What is oriented silicon steel sheet
May 31, 2018

The definition of oriented silicon steel sheet

The oriented silicon steel sheet is a silicon steel sheet with a non-oriented deformation texture crystal structure according to a certain production process.


The relationship between oriented silicon steel sheet and silicon steel sheet

1, both are cold-rolled silicon steel sheet, but different silicon content. Cold rolled non-oriented silicon steel sheets contain 0.5% to 3.0% silicon, and cold rolled silicon steel sheets contain more than 3.0% silicon.

2. Differences in production process and performance: Non-oriented silicon steel sheets have relatively lower technological requirements than oriented silicon steel sheets.

3, performance and use: due to the difference in performance characteristics of the two, there are differences in the direction of use Cold rolled non-oriented silicon steel sheet is the most important use for generators, it is also known as cold-rolled motor silicon steel. The main purpose of cold-rolled oriented silicon steel strip is for transformer manufacturing, so it is also called cold-rolled transformer silicon steel.

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