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Development Of Silicon Steel Sheet
Jun 08, 2018

In 1822, the famous Swedish chemist J.J.Berzelius (1778-1848) first made silicon (Si). In 1889, the British, W.F. Barett, W. Brown, and R.A. Hadfield began to study the magnetic and electrical properties of various binary and ternary alloys. In their research, they found that adding silicon (Si) to mild steel can increase the resistivity of the steel, reduce the eddy current and hysteresis loss of the steel, and improve the aging of the steel sheet. In 1900, they published an article in Sci. Trans.Roy. Dublin Soc. They introduced the research results and attracted attention. In 1903, the United States began producing this silicon-added steel sheet and called it "Stalloy" (silicon steel sheet). In the same year, Germany also began producing silicon steel sheets. Soon, France, Britain, Italy, etc. also began to produce silicon steel sheet. The Soviet Union began manufacturing silicon steel sheets in 1915 and Japan in 1924.