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EI Silicon Steel Sheets Performance Indicators
May 30, 2018

1. Iron loss is low. The most important indicator of quality is that all countries in the world are classified by iron loss value. The lower the iron loss, the higher the grade and the higher the quality.

2. High magnetic induction. In the same magnetic field can obtain a higher magnetic induction of silicon steel sheet, using it to manufacture the motor or transformer core volume and weight, relatively speaking, can save silicon steel sheet, copper wire and insulation materials.

3. Stacking factor is high. The surface of the silicon steel sheet is smooth, even and uniform in thickness, and the lamination factor of the manufacturing core is improved. 4. The film is good. This is even more important for the manufacture of small, miniature motor cores.

5. The surface has good adhesion to the insulating film and weldability.


EI silicon steel is a very low-carbon ferrosilicon soft magnetic alloy, generally containing 0.5% to 4.5% silicon. Adding silicon can increase the resistivity and maximum permeability of iron, and reduce the coercive force, core loss (iron loss) and magnetic aging. It is mainly used to make iron cores for various transformers, motors and generators. The world silicon steel output accounts for about 1% of the total steel.