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How To Deal With The Smoke Of The Motor Iron Core
Jan 12, 2018

1, the rotor and seal cavity gap is too small, due to vibration caused by friction and wear, treatment methods: Expand the inner diameter of the seal cavity, increase clearance, check the rotor balance, adjust concentricity.

2, shaft (sleeve) and fixed parts rub, can be corrected by the gland, improve assembly accuracy to solve.

3, high temperature and high pressure seal surface wear seriously, reduce the spring pressure, increase the balance coefficient, improve lubrication mode.

4, the motor core of the dynamic ring and balance of the top die, and static ring serious friction, for this problem just keep the dynamic ring and balance the gap between the 2-3mm.

5, medium vaporization and formation of dry grinding, treatment methods: increase cooling flow and pressure, dual-end surface.

6, cooling enough, lubrication deterioration, increase cooling flow, improve measures, cleaning.

7, rotor imbalance produced a beat, for such a failure, you can do balance, improve the processing accuracy of parts.