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Non-oriented Electrical Steel Function
Jan 12, 2018

Because of the complex manufacturing process and equipment of electrical steel, and strict ingredient control, the enterprise regards the manufacturing technology of electrical steel as life, protects it by patent form, and the manufacturing technology and product quality of electrical steel has become one of the important marks of the development level of steel technology in a country.

Generally speaking, the electrical power of the motor accounted for about 65% of the total generating capacity of 70%, if the motor can reduce the loss of 10%, to 2006 statistical data, the nationwide motor can save more than 20 billion kw h/a, equivalent to annual savings coal 7.7 million tons, emission reduction of more than 120,000 tons of sulfur dioxide, Emission reduction dioxide more than 70,000 tons, carbon dioxide emission reduction of more than 20 million tons, therefore, improve the performance of non oriented electrical steel, for energy conservation and emission reduction is of great significance.