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Oriented Silicon Steel Sheet Classification
May 31, 2018

The oriented silicon steel sheet is also referred to as silicon steel sheet to a certain degree. In the process of operation, it is an indispensable ferrosilicon soft magnetic alloy in the electric power, electronic and military industries, and is also the largest metal functional material with a yield of approximately It accounts for 1% of the world's steel production. It is a ferrosilicon alloy containing 0.8% to 4.8% of silicon and is hot and cold rolled into silicon steel sheets with a thickness of 1mm or less.


The oriented silicon steel sheet is effectively added with silicon during the manufacturing process, so that the iron's resistivity and maximum magnetic permeability can be effectively improved to a certain extent, and the coercive force, core loss (iron loss) and Magnetic aging, mainly used as a core of various motors, generators and transformers.


Oriented silicon steel sheet classification

1. The oriented silicon steel sheet can be divided into two types, low silicon and high silicon, when operating, to a certain extent, depending on the silicon content. The low silicon silicon contains 2.8% or less of silicon. It has a certain mechanical strength. For the manufacture of motor, commonly known as motor silicon steel, high silicon content of 2.8% -4.8%, it has good magnetic, but more brittle, mainly used to manufacture transformer core, commonly known as transformer silicon steel sheet. There is no strict boundary between the two in actual use, and high-silicon wafers are often used to make large motors.


The oriented silicon steel sheet can be divided into two kinds of cold rolling and hot rolling according to its production and processing technology to a certain extent. In a certain degree, the cold rolling can be effectively divided into two types: grain non-orientation and grain orientation. . The thickness of the cold rolled sheet is uniform, the surface quality is good, and the magnetic properties are high. Therefore, with the development of industry, the hot rolled sheet has a tendency to be replaced by cold rolled sheet.

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