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The Development Prospect Of Servo Motor Can Not Be Underestimated
Jan 12, 2018

In recent years, some enterprises of the servo drive and motor products have entered the industrialization phase, but is mainly concentrated in the CNC machine tool industry, power specifications in more than 400W, not for the entire automation control industry to form a full range of specifications standard products. Because China is a manufacturing country, in addition to the CNC machine tool industry, other industries on a variety of specifications for the demand for servo motors has increased year in, for this reason, foreign servo motor manufacturers have been planning or have set up wholly-owned factories in China, using local resources and low-cost Labor, mass production of various specifications of the

Domestic servo motor design and production technology has tended to improve, currently mainly in the direction of standardization, serialization, scale of development, only a certain scale can have high reliability and low price and competitive products. But the domestic servo motor digital drive technology is still relatively backward, mainly limited to the lack of practical motor digital control algorithm and high reliability of the power module, which greatly limits the promotion of domestic servo motor.