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What Is The Classification Of Silicon Steel Sheet (silicon)?
Jan 12, 2018

There are roughly 2 types of silicon steel in the market:

1. According to the production and processing technology can be divided into hot rolling and cold rolling two, cold-rolled and can be divided into grain and grain orientation and two kinds. Cold Rolled sheet thickness uniformity, good surface quality, magnetic high, therefore, with the industrial development, hot-rolled sheet has been replaced by cold rolling trend (China has expressly requested to stop the use of hot-rolled silicon steel, which is said earlier "to cold Generation heat").

2. Silicon steel sheet According to its silicon content can be divided into low silicon and high silicon two kinds. Low Silicon si 2.8% below, it has a certain mechanical strength, mainly used in the manufacture of electrical motors, commonly known as motor silicon Steel, high silicon silicon content of 2.8%-4.8%, it has a good magnetic, but more brittle, mainly used in the manufacture of transformer iron core, commonly known as transformer silicon Steel. Both in the actual use of no strict boundaries, commonly used high silicon wafer manufacturing large motors.

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